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September 11, 2001: MOBILIZATION founder survives World Trade Center Attack on Sept. 11, 2001
Ethan Port survives WTC attack - was in the WTC #3
Marriott Hotel when the first plane hit at 8:44 AM. This link has two first hand accounts of what happened.



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Throbbing Gristle


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"...The crisis of our country is not cause by external forces...
the danger lies within"

Jeff Long - "Mobilization" - 1981  


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Scot Jenerik
(F-SPACE) playing "Volatile"
Scot Jenerik's performance of extremely harsh noises is torture of the worst kind. Mothers grabbed their children and ran screaming in fear and pain..."
Jos Frusch, Limburgs Dadblad. 21 Agustus 1999



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Blixa Bargeld
Rede/Speech DVD
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Destroy 5 festival

Last week was one of the best weeks I have had in a long time. My friend and I had planned on going to the Savage Republic show at The Echo in Los Angeles since we heard about it. But on Wednesday morning I saw that Thom had posted something about a secret SR show and I immediately emailed him in hopes of getting the all the info. About ten minutes after I sent the email my cell phone rings and the voice on the other end greets me with a "Hello David, this is Thom from SR". He explained that he was calling to give me directions to the show. How cool is that??? I called my friend and informed him of the news. Although he had to get up at 5am for work the next morning he told me he wouldn't miss it. During my conversation with Thom he warned me not to expect much from them because they hadn't had time to rehearse. I have to say he was wrong because they sounded great. I saw the reunion show some years back and SR was as good if not better this time around. The new songs sound fantastic and in my opinion the band is not straying from the original SR sound. I really don't think many SR fans showed up to the Wednesday night show. I only saw about 40 to 50 people. You really missed out if you didn't go to these shows because the crowds are only going to get bigger for this band. When we arrived to LA for the Friday nightshow the line to get in was unbelievable!!!! The line literally went around the corner. Ethan was nice enough to get us in right away and
when we walked in I couldn't believe how crowded it was. When the band went on they played in true SR form. What an unbelievable sound this four piece band has. If I hadn't seen it for myself I would have thought they had eight guys on stage making all that music. Not to mention the stage presence and great sense of humor from Thom and Ethan. This show has to be on my top five list of all time favorite live performances. Only Chrome and The Fall are ahead of SR and not by much. Friday night was lots of fun. I hope they play LA again and that they record those great new songs soon...

-David Vera

Poster by Mike Klay of the Triple Door
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  • Blixa Bargeld - "Rede/Speech" solo concert

      • Note: Blixa Bargeld is the singer for Einsturzende Neubauten and former guitarist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

    • Destroy4 Review:

      SonicKtty : From the Procession list
      Hi Everybody! Long time IPR/NS&S/Fundamental fan,first time poster....Yeah...I went to both Shipyard shows this weekend.The first night SR
      played saw them as musicians in a somewhat rehearsed show...very
      technical.Most likely due to a really new bassist who only had a
      couple of days to learn the material.But they were in fine form on
      Saturday night.Very loud,very chaotic.I actually got to sing on a few
      songs myself!Ethan made a comment about how improvisational they were
      that night by saying something to the effect of,"Now THIS is like a
      Savage Republic show!!".And the first thought that came to mind
      was,"THIS IS LIKE A REAL SR SHOW!!!!".Or at least the way I remember
      them as I have seen them many times before.I would say that Saturday's
      set was even better than the "Beyond The Pale" show in '02.So with all due respect,to say that Bruce is the only component in
      SR's brilliant sound is a bit absurd.SR were/are a BAND,which means
      that everyone involved has had an equal part in it.And Bruce's unique
      sound is showcased much more in Scenic as it is(whom I have also seen
      quite a few times).I will say this...ANYONE who rejected the idea of
      seeing them this past weekend missed out on,what I can only describe
      as A CLASSIC SAVAGE REPUBLIC SHOW!!!!!Oh yeah...
      and F-Space(my first time seeing them)was amazing.They just
      blew me away!!Both nights!

    Stolen from Mark Wilson's LiveJournal:

    The How to Destroy the Universe IV festival this weekend was a wonderful, wonderful experience. I worked the merch table the entire weekend (even though I had originally been scheduled for multiple tasks), and I was already exhausted by the end of the first night, but it was well worth it. I met some great people including Skip Arnold, the guy who was wrapped in cellophane then suspended from a pole on Saturday night, as well as Enrique who performed under the name Soriah with Thee 999 Eyes... ensemble all three nights. Enrique is an absolutely amazing vocalist. (Actually, it turns out that I knew Enrique from back in the House of Usher days prior to his move to Portland. I saw him perform a few times while I was living there, but I hadn't recognized him then.) Plus, I ran into a lot of out of town friends that I haven't seen in ages -- katheudo (Eric, I don't know when you left Saturday night, but hopefully you waited out the horrible guitarist during Soriah's set; once the guitarist stopped playing, it became the best Soriah performance that I had ever seen -- at least until last night's), Karloff and two other members of Hop-Frog that had driven up from LA to play on KZSU that afternoon, and several other Portland people that were part of Thee 999 Eyes... ensemble: Ryan from Synchronicity Frequency, Ryan's girlfriend who sold merch next to me most of the weekend (I didn't realize until last night that it was the same girl he had been dating while I lived up there since she looked SO different), Nolon (occaisonal drummer for Julian Tulip's Licorice) who I know through beatings, Noah (who I owe much gratitude for the three times he allowed me to play his events, once with 15DBZ just prior to my move to Portland and twice as Conure while I was living there), and Lana (who now lives in New York City).Some of the performances were rather ho-hum including Punkoustica, Dos (a new project featuring Mike Watts from The Minutemen), and The Weegs. The Final Republic (members of Savage Republic) performance on Sunday ranged from boring to incredible (the second to last piece when it was just a trio rather than a quintet), but the full Savage Republic band (well, this incarnation at least) put on a really good show on Friday and an incredible one on Saturday. F-Space got better each night. They weren't able to use any fire on Sunday night since they were at Studio Z that evening, but it didn't matter. It was probably the most intense performance I've ever seen from them. (I've seen them a LOT.) Once again, it was the second to last piece that really blew me away. They probably should have stopped with that piece, but they ended up doing one more, this time with Soriah on guest vocals. It sounded really good, but it still could have been a little better if they had actually had a chance to rehearse it together. As for the collaborations between Thee 999 Eyes... ensemble and Soriah... Yum... Butoh dancers and incredibly engaging ritualistic drones go really well together -- well, at least after the suspended by hooks wanking guitar player goes away. Both Soriah and F-Space did their finest sets on Sunday night. It says a lot about the performers that even though there was almost nobody attending the final evening, they still put their all into it.I worked the event on a volunteer basis, having asked multiple people to volunteer at my events in the past. Ethan from Mobilization Record and F-Space (the main promoter of the event) was very appreciative, and he said that I had gone beyond the call of duty. He hadn't expected me to work the ENTIRE weekend, including set-up and tear-down, but several of the volunteers hadn't showed up, and I really didn't mind. Like I said, it was exhausting, but I enjoyed talking with people and having a decent vantage point to enjoy the bands....

    I also did a bunch of trades over the weekend. I ended up with releases by Soriah, Hop-Frog, Synchronicity Frequency, and Del Rey & the Sun Kings (a side-project from a Savage Republic member). I also gave away a bunch of Conure CDs and sold a few items of my own. All of the above added to a bunch of new contacts that I hope to work with in the future -- maybe not in actual musical collaborations since I'm kind of hesitant about collaborating with anybody besides Mike and Dan, but hopefully in organizing shows in the future, both here as well as in the different artists' various cities. I've already been offered a future Conure performance in LA, which is sweet since I haven't played there in about two years.This weekend really inspired me. After I catch up on sleep, I really intend to concentrate much, much more on new creations.

    (click for hi-res flyer PDF you can print out and distribute)

    • How to Destroy the Universe Festival
      Extreme Music, Art, Performance

    "We intend to Destroy all dogmatic verbal systems..."

    --William S. Burroughs RE/Search interview



    Click image for Show Details

    • April 6 , 2005- FREE!!! FINAL REPUBLIC - Savage Republic's Jazz Odyssey?

      Sat APRIL 30 at the Rite Spot in San Francisco. Jackson Del Rey, Ethan Port and Aleph Kali will perform some old and new Savage Republic material as FINAL REPUBLIC this April 30 in San Francisco. More information at Scram Magazine.

      This is the first time Del Rey and Port have performed together since 1988
      Jeff Long will also be in San Francisco May 21 recording new material with the project. A live show is expected. This will be Jeff's first performance since 1983! FINAL REPUBLIC is also recording a new album, scheduled for release this fall.

    NEW!!! Preliminary Impact Report
    (First Edition: Nearly out of print)
    The first F-SPACE studio release is available now
    $9.98 Post Paid US


    Filed under: A Library CD— frahm de future @ 11:44 pm KFJC.org
    F-Space – Preliminary Impact Report A-Library {Mobilization}

    Conceptual / visual artist Scot Jenerik and ex-Savage Republic guitarist Ethan Port are the proficiently preternatural, prodigiously provocative, and pungently primal pyro-perpetrators who primarily manifest F-Space’s seething sepulchral sound of post Industrial-Punk. Densely subterranean tribal percussion, resonating Middle Eastern guitar, atmospheric ambience, and dissonant metallic clanging reminiscent of Einsturzende Neubauten and Throbbing Gristle immerse you into a cataclysmic realm of subtle beauty and extreme chaos. As the consummate performance artists, F-Space is the mastermind behind the optically enchanting and aurally subversive How To Destroy the Universe Festival (as co-presented by KFJC)! The self-proclaimed “Led Zeppelin of Noise” is a violent sacrificial escapade well worth the adventure.

    ***The first CD from proto-industrial pyro-punk transformers:
    Six massive, surprisingly accessible tracks of violently passionate, harmonic noisescapes -- delivered with sonic intricacy and homicidal tendencies. Camped in the vicinity of EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN ,THROBBING GRISTLE, ACID MOTHER'S TEMPLE, SWANS and GLENN BRANCA. The result conjures an apocalyptic, feral, destructive trance state implying a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or an offender's mental state during a crime of passion.

    "Some view PIR as the statement Savage Republic never made: a vivid portrayal of destruction, beauty, and simplicity" - East Bay Express, August 2004

    • JAN 20, 2005- RE/Search Publications now available through the MOBILIZATION online store
      Mobilization is over joyed to make the complete RE/Search Publications catalog available to Mobilization customers at special discounted prices.

    • DEC 20, 2004- DeathRide69.com Launched
      A new website was just launched to consolidate historic information on Death Ride '69. There will be free "share ware" downloads of many Death Ride '69 recordings
      • First DEATH RIDE '69 "Elvis Christ" CD available here
      • 2nd DEATH RIDE '69 EP "Red Sea" 12" vinyl available here
      • 2nd DEATH RIDE '69 LP "Penetrator" in production for 2006 release
    • OCT 1 , 2004 - F-SPACE begins recording 2 CDs and the Concrete 10" EP at Mobilization Studios in San Francisco
      No shows scheduled until 2005

    • SEPT 26 , 2004 - F-SPACE "Soundtrack of the Apocalypse" Tour 2004 Completes
      Tour diaries, photos and MP3 downloads here shortly.
      • F-SPACE - Streaming MP3 files
        Live in NYC - Sep 16, 2004 - The Continental Club

        Live in Nijmegen, Holland - Sep 22, 2004
        Email "2004tour 'at' mobilization.com for a free password to listen to these high quality binaural tour recordings
      • Coming Soon on the Mobilization Archive Recordings Series
        • F-SPACE live at Burning Man 2004 DVD coming soon, based on multi-track digital recordings from 12 performances in 6 days.
        • How to Destroy the Universe Festival - Part 2
          DVD coming soon
          from this amazing event hosted by the Shipyard in Oakland, California on Hiroshima Day 2004
          Based on multi-track digital recordings

    • SEPT 12, 2004 - Zoviet France - "No Other Radio" special
      Free streaming MP3 audio - BEN PONTON of ZOVIET FRANCE plays his favorite tracks and discusses the universe with Scot Jenerik, Randy Yao

    Other NEWS


    • Aug 14 , 2004- F-SPACE confirm short European Tour: Sept 2004
      • SEP 23, 2004 - ROBODOCK festival Amsterdam
      • SEP 22, 2004 - Nijmegen
      • SEP 21, 2004 - Amland

    • AUG 10, 2004 - MOBILIZATION announces DVD project from "How to Destroy the Universe - Part 2"
      Mobilization began work today on a documentary of the "How to Destroy the Universe - Part 2" festival. Beautiful source filming was done by Lise Swenson. The DVD is slated for a March 2005 release.

    • July 14, 2004- F-SPACE to perform at BURNING MAN 2004
      • The camp will be based at 9:00 and Esplanade. We will be joined by Zoviet France and Amino.


    Mayhem 23, 2004

    KOLLAPSING WEBS - Einsturzende Neubauten Special
    11:AM to 3:PM
    Hosted by M.C.Christ and Mr. E
    4 hour investigation into one of the most essential destroyers of main stream music EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN. New interviews plus new and rare historical recordings, and an interesting dialog with singer BLIXA BARGELD on launching his independent website Neubauten.org with dreams of kollapsing the music industry.

    Mayhem 23, 2004

    Can the World be Even Sadder Than It Seemed? TG23~v2
    11:AM to 3:PM
    Hosted by M.C.Christ and Mr. E
    4 hour follow-up on the 2003 Day of Gristle. Updated interviews and new recordings by thee inventors of "industrial" music, in preparation for their one time May reunion in the UK.

    • Review of Festive Meltdown in Los Angeles: Dec 20, 2003

      F-Space absolutely killed!

      Then F Space threw it into drive and nobody knew what hit 'em! Scott
      Jenerik, playing his various percussion contraptions, and drummer Aleph Kali
      established a complete rhythm lock pounding out patterns of amazing
      intricacy and intensity while Ethan added snaky melodies and sheets of
      texture with his guitar armada. The hall had too much flammable stuff for
      them to go totally apeshit with the pyrotechnics but Scott did fire up one
      of his smaller devices that shot out bursts of propane flame as it was
      played kinda like the time Granny's stove exploded. All this at a volume
      level that at times made early Swans sound like Raffi and sent the
      lightweights heading for the hills. Overall a stunning display of sonic
      ferocity and beauty the likes of which L.A. hasn't seen in quite a spell.

      -Mr. G.


      "Then came the moment I'd been waiting for. F-Space battered the unsuspecting audience with a wall of noise. Port's instrumentation on an electric 12-string maintained the breakneck speed and ominous tones of early Savage Republic. He'd loop a string of notes into a mixer, then switch guitars, or forsake them for a homemade instrument created out of two thick metal springs stretched along the length of a four-foot-long segment of pipe, which he alternately beat on and picked up and let drop to the floor.

      Jenerik used drumsticks and even a violin bow to elicit the most raw and, at times, excruciating sounds from a similar instrument propped on a metal sawhorse. Kali added the energy of a runaway locomotive on drums.

      The result was apocalyptic: the music summoned a feral, destructive trance state that implied a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or the offender's mental state during a crime of passion."

      -(Camille T. Taiara) SFBG Dec 17, 2003

    • Oct 16, 2003: Liberation Radio Silenced!!!
      2 days after the F-Space interview, the FCC seized all of Liberation Radio's equipment. Follow the link for what you can do to help!
    • Sep 23, 2003: F-SPACE Video Clips from Burning Man 2003

    • Sep 2, 2003: F-SPACE complete 2003 Black Rock City Tour
      F-SPACE completed 8 explosive performances at Burning Man 2003. Scot Jenerik and Ethan Port performed as a two piece playing through a mobile rig, blasting fire and pummeling soaring psychedelic "crunch" at random locations around the Playa. Two especially memorable shows were Friday night at 2am in front of the Man, and midnight Sunday inside the Thunderdome. Documentation of these shows will be available shortly for free download.


    I was a first timer at the Burning Man festival this year. A complete mindset it was for me. I thought we are in Holland liberal and open-minded but what I saw here I never experienced in my life.
    The real 'Hammer' was the F-space gig @ the Thunderdome at sunday night
    Fucking unbelievable, I was nailed to the desert.

    For seventeen years I do programming and party planning for several venues and streetfestivals.
    I really would like to introduce F-Space in the Dutch music scene.

    - Frank Hulsebos
    Editors NOTE: Frank followed through on his wish in 2004, bringing F-SPACE to Robodock and Nijmegen.

    • June 25, 2003: Radio Tokyo is off the air...engineer/founder/Hurdy Gurdy man Ethan James dies
      Ethan James died Tuesday of stomach cancer. He will be missed.
    • Nov 18, 2002:ONE MORE TIME FOR THE GIPPER!
      Savage Republic one time only reunion November 13 - 17, 2002 completed. Press Release

      Savage Republic is doing a one time only reunion for one week in November
      to promote the recent reissue on Mobilization Recordings of the bands complete studio recordings. There are no plans for any future shows after this RARE one week reunion.

      Members scheduled to play include original members Thom Fuhrmann, Greg Grunke, Bruce Licher, Robert Loveless and Ethan Port. The new drummer is Joel Connel from Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise. (www.savagerepublic.com)
    • June 2002: Mobilization Mail Order stocks IPR Mail Order Items
      Mobilization is putting the now defunct Independent Project Records mail order stock into it's online store

    • May 2002: Audio Specials on early 1980's Los Angeles "Art" Punk
      Nerds in the Pit is an ongoing project to document the early California punk and "art punk" movement.
      The downloads are now permanently hosted here

    • Jan 1, 2002: Savage Republic Reissues Complete Studio Recordings
      Mobilization Recordings re-issues all four Savage Republic studio albums in conjunction with Independent Project Records (IPR), with graphics created by Bruce Licher at Independent Project Press.

      COMPLETE re-issue of all 4 Savage Republic studio albums!
      First pressing SOLD OUT.
      Next pressing in production

      In this special limited edition, each CD sleeve was hand letterpressed by Bruce Licher at Independent Project Press.

      (Click on the photos to the right for a higher resolution view of the CD covers)-->

      4xCD reissue



      Tragic Figures back cover

  • Oct 1, 2001: Scot Jenerik to release Concrete LP
    Scot Jenerik signs with Mobilization to release "In the Slab", a playable LP constructed of pure cement.



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Bruce Licher, Greg Grunke,

Snack Sac presents Festive Meltdown 2003

SPINDRIFT (w/ members of Brian Jonestown Massacre & Warlocks), F-SPACE

DJ SL Duff (Knitting Factory, Sweet Justice, Messiaz)
DJ Jason Moore (Dura Delinquent)

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Mission is Terminated

August 20, 2004

Got the round robin. Sleazy just said to me as I showed him the interesting title and idea behind it that the first 2 festivals must have failed then, in their intent.ie How To destroy The Universe.Nontheless COIL would be very interested to do something NEXT YEAR if events are planned for then. please let us know more.This year if far to late for us to try and be involved.we are moving house,recording and so on.
please be in touch
blessed wishes
Jhonn Balance of COIL