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...an autonomous club committed to happiness, silliness, fun, and bruhaha...

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Since 1982 The monday morning DaDa club has organized "random" events to build a circle within the "underground" and "punk rock" community. Key to this endevor has been loud/fast concerts, found object events, and the in-famous surveys:
The Monday Morning DaDa Club has been in existence since 1982. Our numbers are growing, we are everywhere. To answer your first question: Why do you meet on Monday mornings, I'm exhausted by Monday!?
Well, the name is a farce, as are most aspects of the club.
The Monday Morning DaDa Club was a student organization at the University of California, Los Angeles from 1982-1990. It was formed by Ethan Port when he began studies at UCLA as an organized way to meet new friends, and to promote punk life and bruhaha. The organization regularly scheduled events designed to promote confusion and obscurity in a rather well regulated daily campus routine. Nestled between religious, political, and "Jock" zelots, the DaDa club had a table on "Bruin Walk" where they'd hand out their own form of punk rock propaganda. A core group of about 1000 students quickly amassed. Several bands evolved with DaDa club members, including Ethan's band ...uh..., and a more traditianal punk rock group Stukas Over Bedrock. The DaDa club scheduled noon time concerts in the middle of campus. The university was obliged to let the DaDa club hold these public activities because of it's anti-discrimination policies regarding student organizations. Black Flag was perhaps the most noteworthy band to perform for the DaDa club.

In 1984 Greg Grunke and Ethan Port merged ...uh... with L.A. industrial punk band Savage Republic. More information on that project will be available on another page.

"Hey, let's take the Skinheads Bowling!"

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