...monday morning dada club...


GEEK OUT survey

or It's a World Wide Web World

  1. What is your URL?

  2. Do you have a business card with your e-mail and webpage info on it? If so, scan it, upload it and attach it here:

  3. Grossest thing you ever saw online:

  4. How many times a day do you check your e-mail?

  5. Define the word "tilde":

  6. Who is your fave cyber-star and why?

  7. Do you wear a wrist brace?
    • YES
    • NO

  8. If so, for how long?

  9. How many r's are in nerd?

  10. Can you type with one hand?
    • YES
    • NO

  11. Look between the keys on your keyboard and describe what you see:

  12. Do you chat?
    • YES
    • NO

  13. As yourself or an alter-ego?

  14. Describe that alter-ego:

  15. Make a portrait (smiley) of your alter-ego. ex:

      O  O

  16. How many hours a day are you online?

  17. Finish this sentence: I would rather than give money to Microsoft. (attach extra sheet of paper if you need more room)

  18. What's the difference between a link and a hotlink?

  19. How many plug-ins do you have? What are they?

  20. How big is your monitor?

  21. What other electrical devices do you use online? (plug-in or battery powered?)

  22. What other non-electrical devices do you use online?

  23. cu-seeme is:

  24. Confess your worst Fry's story:

1997, Monday Morning DaDa Club
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