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Artists Descriptions
Mobilization artists:

F-Space:  Scot Jenerik (23five, Inc.), Ethan Port (Savage Republic, 1983-1989; Death Ride '69, 1989-1990) mobilize the new third wave of industrial "shop rock" -- turbo charged manias, exploding in a un-catagorized fallout of percussive pyro punk classics.

Savage Republic:  Ethan Port, Greg Grunke, Bruce Licher, Thom Fuhrmann, Robert Loveless, Jackson Del Rey, Jeff Long, Mark Erskine, Brad Laner, Aaron Schearer

Scot Jenerik:  

Targodie:  Scot Jenerik and Larnie Fox

Wonder:   Ethan Port, Greg Grunke, Thom Fuhrmann, Andre' Butallier, Sterling Fox

Death Ride 69:  Ethan Port, Buc Bono, Linda Le Sabre

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