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Heat the Street Faire: Decompression '03 (flyer)
Sunday, Oct 12
Noon - Midnight
On Indian Street and in Club Cocomo
(Between Mariposa and 21st Street in San Francisco)
$10 in Black Rock Attire/$20 in street wear
All ages welcome outside on Indiana Street, 21+ yrs in Cocomo

What is "Decompression?"
Before the playa dust has completely settled and our heads have stopped spinning, many of us gather in the months after Burning Man to "decompress" by taking one more communal plunge into the depths of what we found so affirming and memorable at Burning Man. Check out past Decompressions:

Decompression is an opportunity to dust off and share again playa art, performances, theme camps, photos, videos and stories from the playa; to re-connect with family and friends; and collaborate to create new art. It is at its simplest: a reunion. But more significantly, it is a thoroughly participatory celebration of Burning Man art and community within our larger communities. And it is one of the more powerful ways many of us bring some of what is so inspiring about Burning Man to our cities and the rest of the year!


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