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"The Crisis of our Country is not caused by External Forces...

The Danger Lies Within..."
Jeff Long, Savage Republic 1982

>Hello there radio lovers. Here is the info about my
>radio station and the raid that occurred yesterday
>For the many of you who have emailed to ask what you
>can do, it's simple: tell everyone you know that
>another independent media outlet has been squashed by
>the powers that be. Write letters to the FCC telling
>them that micro radio is community radio and serves
>the disenfranchised. Tell the FCC that you will no
>longer support corporate sponsored media outlets if
>this is the way they treat non-commercail,
>non-corporate, community media.
>Thank you for your continued support.
>Michael Rosenberg-Beausoleil
>aka: John Hell
>ps: Please check out our website at:
>Sign the guestbook
>> Press contact:
>> Karoline Hatch (415) 336-2360
>> 16October 16, 2003 SAN FRANCSICO -- Approximately 10
>> federal agents, 10 San Francisco police, and 5 FCC
>> agents raided San Francisco Liberation Radio (SFLR)
>> studios yesterday. The raid began at 11 a.m., and
>> lasted for approximately 2 hours. They arrived
>> equipped with battering ram and firearms, although
>> neither was necessary. The FCC confiscated all
>> equipment in the station at the time, including a 16
>> channel Mackie sound board, microphones, a computer,
>> CD, record, and tape players, and so much more.
>> SFLR and its supporters view this attack within the
>> context of media consolidation. Currently 10 parent
>> companies control the radio spectrum. Viacom and
>> Clear
>> Channel alone control 42 percent of listeners and 45
>> percent of industry revenue. Since the passage of
>> the
>> 1996 Telecommunications Act Clear Channel grew from
>> 40
>> stations nationwide to 1,240. In 28 of the 30 major
>> music formats, 4 companies control over 50 percent
>> of
>> listeners, and the same holds true for two thirds of
>> the nations news radio listeners. A debate about
>> media
>> ownership, competition, localism, and diversity is
>> currently raging in the halls of Congress, in the
>> nations court systems, and on the streets. SFLR has
>> contributed its view of grass roots media activism
>> to
>> this debate, and for this it has been targeted.
>> SFLR has been a vocal critic of the Bush
>> administration policies regarding the war on terror
>> in
>> Iraq and elsewhere, as well as the California state
>> and local policies including San Franciscoís
>> targeting
>> of homeless people. The Bush administration has made
>> every effort to silence criticism of the government.
>> Dick Cheney, in a rare speech just several days ago
>> warned against public dissent. Donald Rumsfeld has
>> clearly insinuated that criticism of Bush
>> administration policies is killing the American
>> troops
>> in Iraq. And yet the killing of innocent civilians
>> in
>> Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Oakland continues
>> on
>> a daily basis. The next major anti-war demonstration
>> is taking place on October 25th, and includes a
>> major
>> convergence in San Francisco. SFLR sees this
>> unprecedented attack on the station within the
>> context
>> of these national and international events.
>> SFLR is a micro-radio station that has broadcast at
>> 93.7 FM in the San Francisco bay area for the past
>> 10
>> years. It was started in part to be an outlet and
>> resource for communities that are underserved by the
>> media mainstream. SFLR has garnered much public
>> support for the work that it has done, including the
>> 19August03 passage of a resolution by the San
>> Francisco Board of Supervisors supporting the
>> station,
>> media diversity in general, and directing the SF
>> police leave the station alone.
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"It makes you wonder what else is up there."
- eavesdropped musings of a nighttime admirer of the Chandelier, Thursday, August 28, 2003, The Playa http://www.cleavageinspace.com


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