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Savage Republic

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Savage Republic Interview - Nov 15, 2002 - KFJC.org - 45 minutes in. Starts with Pleasure Forever at Beyond the Pale Festival.

Final Performance of Savage Republic - Feb 25, 1989 "The Wash" Claremont, CA
Jamahiriya MP3 1.75 M
Tabula Rasa /
Spice Fields
MP3 2.44 M
Machinery MP3 2.45 M
Mobilization MP3 3.23 M
Procession MP3 1.15 M
Real Men MP3 3.59 M

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Re-Issues for the 21st Century

The complete Savage Republic back catalog was re-issued by MOBILIZATION Recordings in October 2001.

Studio albums include: Tragic Figures, Trudge, Ceremonial, Jamahiriya and Customs. Live albums include Live Trek, Live in Europe, and the soon to be released Execution of the State by Fire and Ritual

Other live recordings have been officially released over the years by Ethan Port and Savage Republic Tapes.

Click here for a list of Post Savage Republic projects

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