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Savage Republic

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  Early recording experiments produced by Bruce Licher for his Independent Project art course were paired with a clean yet industrial, apocolyptic design style via silk screen, and later hand letter-press printing that echos back to the Futurists, that formed the basis of Savage Republic's image, and a style that had Bruce Licher later nominated for a Grammy.

The band disolved and reformed several times after 1983. Greg Grunke, Thom Fuhrmann and Ethan Port joined Bruce Licher for the rest of the bands life. In 1987 drummer Mark Erskine was replaced by Brad Laner (Medicine, Debt of Nature, Electric Company), a local kid in UK for the end of the 1988 European tour, and Aaron Shearer for the final two performances in southern california in 1989. Robert Loveless joined the band for Ceremonial, and Phil Druker joined to help with Jamahiriya recordings and recorded on Customs during the bands final tour in 1988.
The complete Savage Republic back catalog was re-issued by MOBILIZATION Recordings in October 2001.

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