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F-SPACE Comments

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
In functional analysis, an F-space is a vector space V over the real or complex numbers together with a metric d : V × V -> R so that

  1. Scalar multiplication in V is continuous with respect to d and the standard metric on R or C.
  2. Addition in V is continuous with respect to d.
  3. The metric is translation-invariant, i.e. d(x+a, y+a) = d(x, y) for all x, y and a in V
  4. The metric space (V, d) is complete

Some authors call these spaces "Fréchet spaces", but in Wikipedia the term Fréchet space is reserved for locally convex F-spaces.
Clearly, all Banach spaces and Fréchet spaces are F-spaces. The Lp spaces for 0 < p < 1 are examples of F-spaces which are not Fréchet spaces.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jedi Keith
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 8:04 PM
To: fspace at mobilization.com
Subject: I saw you play on Friday night at Beyond Belief

Hi Scot, Aleph & Ethan!

This is gonna sound strange, but bear with me...

I was a guardian angel at the Temple Of Honor on Friday night
into Saturday morning and I was dispatched to get help for a
girl who wasn't responding to CPR in an art car mishap. I hauled
major ass toward the Man to find a Ranger or Sheriff and direct
them to the scene. They made it, but sadly, we lost a sister.
I slowly rode around the Man from 12 to 3 o' clock and ran into
some eery music. Tweaked and shaken, I listened and absorbed
the wavelengths. Fuck, it slayed! Some couple was walking by
and I had to tell my story. The woman hugged me hard and I
almost lost it. Back to the whirling sonics. After a few minutes,
my composure somewhat brought back by your projections, I
rode off slowly toward my camp to kick back and watch for
shooting stars.

Never knew your band's name or where you were from and it
never mattered. What mattered was your ability to calm my
disquieted mind from the reality of the death which had just
taken place. My world became more manageable in those
moments that morning.

Tonight I stumbled into the livejournal BM community and about
shit when I saw scans of you guys from that night! Fuck me,
it's them!, I thought. So I had to write.

an eye out for you this year if you're returning to the playa.
Got my ticket in the mail on Monday and can't wait for HOME.

A big heapin' bucket o' playa luv on yer heds, m'brethren!


Jedi Keith

"Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I know there is hope for the world."
-- Edward Abbey



i'm in no way, shape or form a writer or a music critic (i just know
what i like when i hear it) but here i go... i find this disc to be
wonderfully majestic. brutal at times then ethereal at others. beautiful
guitar and percussion intertwined to make a great sonic soundscape to
play in my dreams...

now go to mobilization and if i remember correctly there are some sample
tracks there so you can get a real feel for this fantastic album.




>Hello, after being completely devastated by F Space last week here in L.A. I
>was curious when they are playing here again...
>Thanks & Take Care
>Bill Tuck

(Festive Meltdown, Los Angeles, Dec 20, 2003)


> Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 08:56:35 +0100
> Finally got to check out the F-Space stuff.
> 'Through the Night Softly' is amazing - 17 mins of
> cacophonistic excellence
> - reminded me a bit of Can's Halleuwah meets
> (towards the end) Dead Can
> Dance.
> Fat J


Burning Man 2003 comments:

I was a firsttimer at the Burning Man festival this year. A complete mindset it was for me. I thought we are in Holland liberal and open-minded but what i saw here i
never experienced in my life.
The real 'Hammer' was the F-space gig @ the Thunderdome at sundaynight.
Fucking unbelieveble, i was nailed to the desert.
For seventeen years i do programming and party planning for several venues
and streetfestivals.
I really would like to introduce F-Space in the Dutch music scene.


musical duo at burning man
i have a question maybe you guys can help me out.
at one point on friday night, my friend and i wandered over to where the man was. there was this really loud ominous music in the air, and the man was casting this blue light over everything. the sky was dark and full of stars, and off in the distance we could see flames shooting out of something. it was just a really surreal scene. we went towards the flame, and saw that it was these 2 guys. one guy on the guitar, and one guy on this bizarre instrument made from different kinds of springs, that would shoot out flame. i loved it! it was wierd and crazy and beautiful and it was the perfect soundtrack for the playa at 3 am (or however late it was).
does anyone know if these guys are a band, what they're called, or if they recoreded music? i would love to hear it again.


Tim North Benefit 2003


Posted by dav at 12:01 PM on 26 March 2003 .oOo. Comments (1)

tamale with nuts

So for some reason I was still a little hungry after the sushi and I got a couple of veggie tamales at this art/benefit event and came outside to eat them. I was sitting by myself off in a far corner of the lot outside the Somarts gallery under the freeway and this sort of wild erratic moving butch dykish woman marches up to me and shouts something in some sort of slavic language. I'm kind of caught off guard so I just say "excuse me?" Then she says in thickly accented english "are you eating meat?" "No, veggie..." I reply and she blurts "Give me bite!" So I hand her the tamale but she just tears a chunk off and stuffs it in her mouth. I'm still trying figure out what just happened when she turns abruptly and bends over a log like she's facing Mecca for her evening prayers but pretty quickly she changes positions, pulls out a plastic baggie and starts rolling a big crumpled joint. I figure I better finish my tamale while she's distracted. She gets it rolled up and demands a light from some guy who walked by (again asking in some thick eastern bloc lingo first), then she offers me a hit which I decline (I don't think inebriation and motorcyle riding mix, although some of my friends disagree) and then she stalks off into the crowd again.
--Dav via Danger Hiptop
A couple of hours after that incident I was watching a band (F-Space) perform. One of the members, Scot Jenerik I think, was performing with a bizarre homemade stringed/percussion instrument that looked like a cross between a pogo stick and something you'd find in an industrial junkyard which he was beating on and slamming into the floor. He jumped off of the stage and started slamming it into the floor in front of the people seated there when that same nutty chick walked up and tried to take it from him. They struggled over it for a bit (while the rest of the band on stage kept playing on) then Jenerik completely lost his cool and grabbed her and started beating her head into a wall. They fell on the floor and wrestled around some more until finally audience members separated them. Nutty chick left out the back and Jenerik picked up his now-busted-up instrument went back on stage, threw it down again and stormed off the stage. Yeah! Punk Rock!
Posted by dav at 01:04 AM on 26 March 2003 .oOo. Comments (3)

1998 Burning Man


After The Man collapses in flames, the circle begins to disperse and the ultimate party continues. Walking across the playa, I happen to arrive at one of the Tesla coils just as they fire it up. Somebody dressed as a robot stumbles around the coil, sticking his arms out and creating spectacular arcs of lightning between his hand and the coil. But my must-see destination this evening is Drano, where the much touted artist Scott Generic will be performing. While the band sets up, we dance to the soundman's CDs. He's playing a danceable assortment from classic Al Green soul/funk to modern acid jazz from Soul Coughing. And I'm in just the right mood for it. [I thought it was funny I not only recognized the soul music, but remembered it was Al Green. The last time I really listened to that was on AM pop radio as a child. Now, thinking of "Al Green" I find myself unable to recall what any of his songs sound like. Would that mean my memory is unidirectional?] The soundman starts to play some Cake, and I'm impressed to hear two of my favorite modern rock bands in the same place. However he cuts it off 30 seconds into it, apparently upon realizing the track he selected wasn't particularly funky or danceable.
If you ever have a chance to see Scott Generic and F-Space perform, for crissake go see it! Using a myriad of gongs, empty chemical drums, and other metallic objects, these guys create an hour of the most inventive percussive music you've ever heard. And visually, they throw around and eventually burn/destroy their instruments so aggressively they make Pete Townshend seem a sedate wimp.

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