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  • Cyberbuss Costume Ball. May 30, 1998. Review by Kiki

  • "The crowd was absorbed into the sounds, burnt to ashes, and we were gone. The music continued."

    "The sound pounded right through you unhindered and out into space, unstoppable like cosmic rays.  The sound didn't merely overwhelm you, so much as the fact you were so insignificant in comparison that I don't think the sound knew you were there at all."

  • Cyberbuss Costume Ball. May 30, 1998. Review by a Bianca-naught

  • "it's like 3 or 4 in the morning and shit is on fire all over the
    stage by the cyberbuss.  the sheets of metal and objects with large springs and
    weird pickups attached and the 55 gallon drums that the shirtless
    mohawked guy is hitting are all vibrating with energy and arcing rhythems of
    ecstatic painful beauty into the crowd, which is alternating between
    standing in dumbfounded awe and screaming their brains out.  every song
    ends with what sounds like the entire PG&E grid in the western U.S.
    going offline.

fspace 'at' mobilization.com


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