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Posted by dav at 12:01 PM on 26 March 2003 .oOo. Comments (1)


tamale with nuts

So for some reason I was still a little hungry after the sushi and I got a couple of veggie tamales at this art/benefit event and came outside to eat them. I was sitting by myself off in a far corner of the lot outside the Somarts gallery under the freeway and this sort of wild erratic moving butch dykish woman marches up to me and shouts something in some sort of slavic language. I'm kind of caught off guard so I just say "excuse me?" Then she says in thickly accented english "are you eating meat?" "No, veggie..." I reply and she blurts "Give me bite!" So I hand her the tamale but she just tears a chunk off and stuffs it in her mouth. I'm still trying figure out what just happened when she turns abruptly and bends over a log like she's facing Mecca for her evening prayers but pretty quickly she changes positions, pulls out a plastic baggie and starts rolling a big crumpled joint. I figure I better finish my tamale while she's distracted. She gets it rolled up and demands a light from some guy who walked by (again asking in some thick eastern bloc lingo first), then she offers me a hit which I decline (I don't think inebriation and motorcyle riding mix, although some of my friends disagree) and then she stalks off into the crowd again.
--Dav via Danger Hiptop
A couple of hours after that incident I was watching a band (F-Space) perform. One of the members, Scot Jenerik I think, was performing with a bizarre homemade stringed/percussion instrument that looked like a cross between a pogo stick and something you'd find in an industrial junkyard which he was beating on and slamming into the floor. He jumped off of the stage and started slamming it into the floor in front of the people seated there when that same nutty chick walked up and tried to take it from him. They struggled over it for a bit (while the rest of the band on stage kept playing on) then Jenerik completely lost his cool and grabbed her and started beating her head into a wall. They fell on the floor and wrestled around some more until finally audience members separated them. Nutty chick left out the back and Jenerik picked up his now-busted-up instrument went back on stage, threw it down again and stormed off the stage. Yeah! Punk Rock!

Editors Note: Although this version of the story is more punk rock, Scot actually did not beat her head into the wall, although he did loose his cool and pushed her into the wall (Scot needs to go to anger managment class when he performs). And although the girl did back off, she came back later and broke all these guys lights instead. Also, Scot makes his instruments suffer far more than any one else could. It's fitting that this happened during the song "Insurection". The band finished the song and then Scot actually stormed ON stage and we went onto the next tune "Charity and Hope".


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