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Autumn Fair

Destroy! It's no accident that Mobilization Recordings, Laughing Squid, and KFJC, 89.7 FM, chose Pearl Harbor Day to launch 'How to Destroy the Universe Festival ' By creating mass fear, the attack on Pearl Harbor not only pulled the United States into war but also ushered in a backlash against civil liberties facilitated by an oversimplified – and misguided – concept of security. What better way to raze today's false safety net than with fire, steel, and sound manipulated by veteran masters of extreme music and art? Dr. Howland Owll of the Church of the SubGenius MCs the event, which features psycho-surf-core by the Mermen, pyro-industrial post-punk mantras by F-Space (including Scot Jenerik and former members of Savage Republic and Chrome), gothic cabaret by Neither Neither World, psychotic episodes by the Serotonins, and classical covers of '80s hardcore hits by the Punk Rock Orchestra. Burning Man artist Charles Gadeken and We're Desperate early L.A.-S.F. punk-scene photographer Jim Jocoy provide added visual stimulation, and DJs Fernando (Thunderdrome, DeathGuild, Assimilate) and KFJC's MC Christ confer their special sonic touches. 5 p.m., StudioZ.tv, 314 11th St., S.F. $10. (415) 252-7666. (Camille T. Taiara)


BANDS (first to last):
Neither Neither World - dark pop cabaret
Punk Rock Orchestra - 40 piece orchestra perform Punk classics
F-SPACE- Industrial pyro post-punk mantras (members of Savage Republic, Chrome, and Scot Jenerik)
The Mermen - Psychadelic surf
The Serotonins - Wacky performance-art Rock

Guest Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Howland Owll (Church of the SubGenius)

Fernando - Thunderdome/DeathGuild/Assimilate
M.C. Christ- KFJC

Charlie Gadeken - BurningArt.com artist
Jim Jocoy - "We're Desperate" Early LA/SF Punk Photography slide show

Pot-Luck Dinner

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NOTE: The Savage Republic 2002 re-issues are nearly sold out. If an item appears in this catalog as "sold out", you may still be able to obtain it through us from returns we receive from our distributors in the next month or two. Email orders 'at' mobilization.com with your requests.

Artist: Jim Jacoy "We're Desperate"
Title: LA/SF Punk Photos 1978-1980

Release Date: 2002
Powerhouse Books

ISBN 1576871568

Price: $24.98 Post Paid US

Format: Color Book

Incredible punk photos from Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1978-1980.

Forward by Excene Cervenka and Thurston Moore.

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