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Artist Application

Please copy this text into an email, answer the questions, and submit this application to: destroyApp "at" mobilization.com

or snail mail your application to the address on the website:


How to Destroy the Universe is a currated extreme music/performance/art festival. To be seriously considered for the event it is helpful to us to have the following questions answered. These questions are a mixture of artistic and cold business questions that will help us decide the viability of including you in this particular festival.

0. Which festival are you applying for?

1. Name of the Act and primary contact information

2. Name of the artists in the Act

3. Number of people in the Act

4. Why does your Act Destroy?

5. What does your Act Destroy?

6. How does your Act Destroy?

7. How does your Act relate to the theme of this particular event?

8. Where can we hear samples of your Act?

9. Where can we see samples of your Act?

10. What type of compensation do you require to perform in the festival?

11. What type of compensation would you desire to perform in the festival?

12. What are the physical constraints of your Act? (stage layout, back stage requirments, wall space, floor space, security, etc.)

13. What are the technical requirements of your Act?

14. How will you promote your Act and the festival?

15. What can you contribute to help the success of the festival? (promotions, volunteers, workers, etc.)

16. What press information do you have prepared to help promote your act?

17. What do you think your expected "draw" is for this Act at a particular ticket price (In other words, how many people do you think would pay $20 for the festival if their primary reason for going to the festival was to just see you or support your act)






NOTE: The Savage Republic 2002 re-issues are nearly sold out. If an item appears in this catalog as "sold out", you may still be able to obtain it through us from returns we receive from our distributors in the next month or two. Email orders 'at' mobilization.com with your requests.

Artist: Jim Jacoy "We're Desperate"
Title: LA/SF Punk Photos 1978-1980

Release Date: 2002
Powerhouse Books

ISBN 1576871568

Price: $24.98 Post Paid US

Format: Color Book

Incredible punk photos from Los Angeles and San Francisco in 1978-1980.

Forward by Excene Cervenka and Thurston Moore.

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