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Autumnfair is a side project formed in the mid 1980s by Savage Republic vocalist/guitarist/bass player Thom Fuhrmann along with british bassist/singer Val Haller (Wayne County). Autumnfair worked with several Los Angeles underground notables, including Savage Republic bassist Greg Grunke, Biff Sanders (Motiv Studios, Ethyl Meatplow), Scott Feemster (Halo) and Caroline Topalian (supplying transendent vocals).

Autumnfair has an expansive and dramatic "Factory Records/4AD" sound. The project mixes drum machines, live drums, multiple basses, reverberant soaring guitars and powerful, dramatic vocals. These beautiful songs are haunting, evocative and chilling.

The tracks are a mixture of vocal and instrumental. A 10" EP was released in the 1990s by Independent Project Records, entitled Glaciers and Gods.

A new full length CD entitled Autumnfair 1986-1989 is out nowand can be ordered here online

Autumnfair: Glaciers and Gods 10"
(Independent Project Records)

This release features remastered versions of "Glaciers and Gods", plus several other unreleased tracks.

The original "Glaciers and Gods" 10" vinyl EP is still available as well.



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