DATE:  August 23, 1998
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**********FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**********

"F-Space to Offer Deep Sonic Cleansing at Black Rock City Tour: Burning Man 1998.  DaDa Club hosts F-Space Camp for Butt Shaving and Genital Print Show."

F-Space, the ground breaking audio/pyrotechnic spectacle from San Francisco sound artists Scot Jenerik and Ethan Port, has scheduled continuous performance at most of the main stages at Burning Man 1998.  The current "Black Rock City Tour" is:

Thur:       Center Camp.                                  10pm

Fri:          Draino Camp.                                  10:30pm

Fri:          Cyberbuss Camp.                            (late)

Sat:          Burning Maus Federalist Authority    10pm
                with Torture King of the Jim Rose
                Circus, and
                Serbian Death Squad.

Sun:        Disturbia Camp                                one hour after the burn
              Mobilization Records show
              w/ Special Guests.

F-Space will also be hosting daily shows on Radio Burning Man Radio, tentatively for the 1-3pm slot.

F-Space will also be camped with it's army of F-Spacey Groupies, at the "DaDa Club F-Space" camp. The camp will host artist Larnie Fox building a 40 foot bamboo and gauze glider, and other public art works including Shiloh Dewease and Dawn Neal constructing flammable human body casts.  The camp plans to serve several pot-luck/pot-latch brunches and formal dinners, and may also host a few sound art performances. The camp's community service includes Butt Shaving and Genital Printing.  The camp could use donations of new disposable razors.  Genital Prints will be on display at the camp, and will also be sent to the Burning Maus Federalist Authority after processing Crap Head offenders and Nebulan Abductees.  The Space Cowgirls will be issuing Fashion Citations, and repeat offenders will be sent through the F-Space Camp for Butt Shaving and Genital Processing before their transfer to the Burning Maus Federalist Authority stockade.

Information on F-Space the project, F-Space the Camp, and Mobilization Records can be found at  MOBILIZATION.COM
Information can also be found directly at Burning Man 1998 at the F-Space camp. The camp is located North of Center Camp, South of the NeighBARhood.

Rising from the ashes of Burning Man, 1997, F-Space is a ground
breaking collaboration by seminal underground artist's Ethan Port and
Scot Jenerik. F-Space combines stunning big-beat ultra-percussion with
a melodic noise bent, with references to Savage Republic, Einsturzende
Neubauten, Glen Branca, Moroccan trance music, early Sonic Youth, Test
Dept., and the more recent emerging international noise scene. The
band's well developed sense of structure and experimentation has always been evident in these
musicians previous endeavors (Ethan Port as a driving catalyst behind
Savage Republic, Wonder, and Death Ride '69, and Scot Jenerik's
prominent solo work), and is both adhered to and expanded upon in F-Space's consistently adventurous recordings and explosive live performances.

Recent show reviews are available at the F-Space on-line press kit/ web
under "Press Clippings" and "Press Releases".

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