DATE:  June 6, 1998
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"Ethan's grandpa wanted to butcher Scot's grandpa's prized pig! F-Space delivered legendary performances during San Francisco Bay Area shows."

After a two month stint of explosive San Francisco performances,
F-Space takes it's "Atrocity" show on the road and into the

Rising from the ashes of Burning Man, 1997, F-Space is a ground
breaking collaboration by seminal underground artist's Ethan Port and
Scot Jenerik. F-Space combines stunning big-beat ultra-percussion with
a melodic noise bent, with references to Savage Republic, Einsturzende
Neubauten, Glen Branca, Moroccan trance music, early Sonic Youth, Test
Dept., and the more recent emerging international noise scene. The
band's well developed sense of structure and experimentation has always been evident in these
musicians previous endeavors (Ethan Port as a driving catalyst behind
Savage Republic, Wonder, and Death Ride '69, and Scot Jenerik's
prominent solo work), and is both adhered to
and expanded upon in F-Space's consistently adventurous
recordings and explosive live performances.

Recent show reviews are available at the F-Space on-line press kit/ web
under "Press Clippings" and "Press Releases".

F-Space have just completed a two month stint of performances in the SF
Bay area. These performances included the "23five benefit at the Lab",
ZONE", as well as several live radio broadcasts.  This series of
performances entitled "Atrocity at Chiapas" included several new
instruments composed of several flaming oil drums, the "Contraption" -
a neo-industrial gamelan/tourture chamber device, "Thor" - A guttural
stringed percussive instrument that harnesses the power of the entire
Union Pacific Rail Road in a four foot steel post, "Dante" - A flaming
mattress of steel, the "flame thrower" - a portable flame thrower strung
up and miked for sound, and Ethan Port's alternatively tuned guitars,
which in any other project would be considered the "unusual"
instrument, but inside F-Space provides the most traditional musical
reference point!

Needless to say, the recent set of F-Space performances took the jaded
San Francisco "scene" by surprise.  Samples of un-solicited audience
reactions have been made available in the "Press Clippings and Show
Reviews" section of the F-Space web site:

F-Space related tour plans include a short North-West tour in June, and
a Scot Jenerik South-West tour during July, which will include
solo performances with "Thor". F-Space will also be performing nightly
in "center camp" at BURNING MAN 1998.  The next SF bay area
performances are tentatively scheduled for October when the band plans
a short Western tour.

F-Space will be in the studio through October compiling live and studio
recordings into a "simi-live" CD/Video release, with the goal of
capturing the raw energy of past F-Space performances, while still
utilizing the capabilities of the studio environment. F-Space also
plans to release a full length studio work by the end of the year.

F-Space may be contacted directly at:

fspace 'at'

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