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"Scot's grandpa wanted to kill Ethan's grandpa. F-Space to deliver legendary performances at Bay Area shows."

Rising from the ashes of Burning Man, 1997, F-Space is a ground breaking collaboration by seminal underground artist's Ethan Port and Scot Jenerik. F-Space combines stunning big-beat ultra-percussion with a melodic noise bent, with references to Savage Republic, Einsturzende Neubauten, Glen Branca, Moroccan trance music, Sonic Youth, Test Dept., and the more recent emerging international noise scene. The band's well developed sense of structure and experimentation has always been evident in these musicians previous endeavors (Ethan Port as a driving catalyst behind Savage Republic, Wonder, and Death Ride '69, and Scot Jenerik's prominent solo work), and is both adhered to and expanded upon in F-Space's consistently adventurous recordings and explosive live performances.

Scot Jenerik's extraordinary, precision crafted instruments (Thor, the Contraption, Sub-Linear, Dante, and Faustschlags) combined with Ethan Port's trademark combination of metal percussion and soulful, soaring open tuned guitars, create a shimmering soundscape of violence and vision that is both unique and rare in today's saturated and overly dissected music scene. F-Space breaks the barriers of categorization to deliver a ritualized sonic blend that drives the listener to an altered space. F-Space is not an experience easily forgotten.

Since it's inception last June F-Space has captivated audiences throughout the south-west and the band is now "in-demand". F-Space combines Port and Jenerik's 18 years experience creating and delivering dozens of ground breaking albums, videos, and countless live performances into a modern song writing engine that now defines what Csaba Toth refers to as the "Third Wave of Industrial Music".

F-Space is centered upon percussive melodies that decay into sweeping landscapes of acoustic complexity. Scot Jenerik creates new instruments to solve specific sonic problems raised in the song writing process. Rather than force traditional instruments to conform to a certain sound, Scot Jenerik builds new sonic masterpieces to deliver the musical vision presented by a particular work. These instruments allow F-Space to skirt along the edges of traditional Pop-Rock-Punk styles while presenting an intensely unique and un-paralleled sonic quality.

In the live setting F-Space explodes with a fiery passion that grabs the audience by the spleen and drives a train of sound through their third eye. The live presence created by Jenerik and Port's focused intensity of motion is crafted into a palpable sonic environment that is both exhaustive and compelling. Audiences leave an F-Space show spent.

F-Space's current projects include work on a full length CD, due out Fall 1998, numerous local performances, and plans for a U.S. tour in Fall 1998. In addition, Scot Jenerik continues work on his solo career performing at Noise concerts internationally, including a Japanese tour in August, 1998. Ethan Port is working to release CDs from some former projects, including the final Savage Republic performance, and post Savage Republic project Wonder. F-Space currently resides on Mobilization Records.

Scot Jenerik is co-founder of the San Francisco non-profit sound arts organization 23five.

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