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F-SPACE  "The Led Zeppelin of Noise"

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F-Space is a musical project by San Francisco sound s Ethan Port and Scot Jenerik based upon the intense spectacle of performance centered around alternative sound and flame sources. The sound still heavily references traditional rock/pop/punk/trance-folk melodies, but presents these cultural icons in a new sonic architecture. F-Space relies heavily on it's own unique custom built percussive instruments to define a new audio and visual quality that is at once organic and electronic. The instruments of metal, springs, strings, and other hardware produce the bands now trademarked "Shop Rock" sound:

"like the kind of music you'd write to drive your 7th grade metal shop class into a screaming frenzy".

The F-Space sound is violent and encompassing, yet filled with passion and intricacy that transforms the listener to another world. F-Space is not easily ignored.

F-Space perform at Burningman 1998 with Tch'Kung

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