Subject: Jenerik Europe 99 Pt 1
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 10:55:42 -0700
Organization: Limburg Festival

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Scot Jenerik tour journal, Europe, August-September, 99
Part 1

August 10-11, 1999
Once more unto the beach he cried, digging small particles of sand and
from within his belly button with the aid of a ? inch plug. "You
that," said the walrus as he stumbled down the beach.

Chunks of HZ in the ears, drowning out the incessant screams from the 
3-year-old a few rows up.  Delay on the check in, no worries.  It
me to watch the Z,  Bug and Tesla run amuck in the terminal, admiring
boredom can lead to willful destruction.   Not a blink from the agent
as I 
said three bags in response to his how many to check question.  Groovy!
thought I might get fined for excessive instrumentation.  Am taking 
Volatile and Thor with me on this jaunt.  Also in tow are a 4-space
and a backpack full of meat and targodie.  Big kudos to Zack for the
all nighters to get the custom instrument cases done and Maria for the
minute acquisition of a contraption called a wheel.  Well actually two 
wheels, on a rack, with all the gear bungied to it.

Time to get hungry for the gigs and devour Europe.  World

 "Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise," said Jacques
But what about the Cannibals Jacques?  I suppose they'd leave skin on

Supposed to be a 99% solar eclipse 20 minutes after I get into
hope I have time to check it out before the flight to Brussels.  Laura 
assured me it's a bad omen.  Hmmmmmmm.  Actually I think it's pretty
Spoze it depends on your perspective.

This is the first tour I've taken off on where there wasn't really much

else to do before I left.  I mean I could have recorded another CD, 
finished building my house, or have done the dishes.  But I mean the
essential things like finding venues and figuring out how to get myself
my shit there.  This tour is bookended by two festivals, Limburg at the

beginning and ARS Electronica at the end, with a bunch of other shows, 
mostly in Germany in between.  Another high spot on this trip is that
will be coming out on Sept 4th to travel with me for 10 days. Yum. 
only had a couple of other short (2 to 4 day) trips off by ourselves in
8 years since Z came on the scene.

Up all night last night, well most of it.  I think I slept two hours. 
trying to do a quick shift to the European opposite side of the world 
thing.  Jet lag slammed me last time.  Gonna doze to the Quiet
American, if 
I can.
Well I made it all of 20 minutes.  Damn I can't sleep on airplanes. 
got that sleep dep pulsing at the temples.  Makes everything seem
 Or maybe it is.  Time just doesn't exist when flying.  Time relates to

where you are on the earth in relation to where the sun is.  In an
it's not the time of where you were and it's not the time of where you
going.  The time of where you are is irrelevant, kind of like in an 
elevator.   I suppose I prefer to be awake.

Getting my feet under me again.  How to make a phone call, how to
money and get a train ticket.  Luckily most everyone in Belgium speaks 
English. The flight in was delayed so I have to hang at the airport for

three hours until my bags come in, they didn't make the transfer. 
to Wim at the festival, I'm not performing tonight so no rush.  But
I'd like to go to bed.  Watched the first part of the eclipse from
feet in a holding pattern.  Portable nova on the wing, flickering like
bulb that's shot.  Missed the blackout cuz we dropped under cloud
 It never got as dark as I thought it would.

August 12, 1999

 I'm not sure what happened to the 11th, cept it was one of the longest

days of my life.  All the plane delays tweaked my luggage and kept me
the Brussels airport for an extra 4 hours.  Caught an hour of fitful
lying on the floor in a corner of the terminal.  Not a blink as I
through customs, not even a why are you here.   Nary a what the hell is


Took the train from Brussels airport to North Brussels, change to a
to Liege, no time call Slavic, change again and off to Maastricht.  The

bags are doing fine, cept it's a bit of a pain getting on and off the 
trains.  I have to make three trips with the gear.  Up and down the
of the terminals is worse since I have to carry all of the gear at
once, I 
wonder what people in wheelchairs do, I didn't see a lift anywhere.  I 
gotta sell a bunch of CDs and lighten the load.

Charles, from the Limburg Festival, picked me up at the train station. 
is an exceptionally nice and soft-spoken man.  The Festival village is
Geleen (HHHHHHHHeleen, like you are trying to cough up a huge phlegm 
nugget).  It's located in an old hospital, which is slated for
 The restaurant and bar are in one building, the rooms in another,
beds and all. Had a glass of great Belgium beer with Charles and Tonny
woman who saw my performance at Machomett II and booked me for this
gig) It 
was warm last night until I went to sleep.  Then the temp crashed and I

woke up shivering.  Had to put on my clothes and jacket before crashing

again.  Still I slept like the dead.

Breakfast this morning, hung with Violien who is the main staff member
charge of housing and the other volunteers.  Gave her a targodie, also
copy to Charles and Tonny.

I don't think I've ever been treated with such respect.  Makes me feel 
positively like a rock star.  The organization seems top notch.  It
be so nice to do a festival like this in the US.  But then everyone
have to take time off from their tight fisted attitudes to support 
something cultural like this.  Probably too much to ask.  Still, we
off Sound Culture in 96, so it would be worth a try to do something big

Casual afternoon, read some, took some notes on the possibility of
on a three day San Francisco International Noise Festival.  Need
 Lots of it.

Met the guys from the Second Hand Dance Company, Greg, Paul, Andy and
(tech).  They are also from the US, but from the east coast, so I can
of understand what they say.  They've been touring for 12 years, 3-9
a year. Andy has his 4 year old Elias and wife Carol along for this
 They say it's tough at times but over all not so bad touring with the 

Marcel is my personal chauffeur this week.  Nice guy but kind of a
 He's in school to be a road construction worker.  Didn't know you
needed a 
degree for that.  He'll actually be working in the office as a civil 

Performed tonight in Venlo.  It's about 70km from the village at
Geleen.  I 
played in a big grass area of a park where they had tons of stuff going
 The PA guys were there and set up the system, and I set up my gear,
found out that the different size propane tanks have different
 (I had saved the fittings from the tanks at the Machomet II
 So they had to scramble and get the right size tanks.  Luckily there
some on site.  Then I found out that one of my connectors had a ball 
reducer in it.  So we got a hacksaw and cut it off, then couldn't get
back on the hose.  So I cut the connector off the other hose thinking
was a different diameter, and finally after quite the struggle we got
parts back on.  Also the dry ice they got was in pellets rather than 
blocks.  At least the PA sounded good.  It's nice to speck a PA
the same system that 23five uses) and get it.  There were about 200+
at the show.

 I started the set by pouring the dry ice into two piles at each end of
instrument, was a nice visual. Wafting gaseous carbon ice hovering
the grass.   A few minutes into the set one of the hoses blew off the
 So I had to stop while we fixed it, then started up again.  The rest
the performance went ok, the instrument sounded really good as it
down with the dry ice on it.  I started handing out stickers, and was 
instantly surrounded by about 50 kids.  I ended up handing out an
stack of stickers.  Should have brought more, oh well.  Then the kids 
started picking up the dry ice around the instrument, and had quite the

time.  Got some photos of the munchkins.

Found out that we need to haul and set up the PA at all the other gigs.
joy.   I could really use a tech touring with me.  It would make some 
things so much easier.  If things keep up I'll be able to afford it. 
I'd rather have is for Maria to join the family business, do the
side and run sound for me during the gigs.  She's stronger than Marcel 
anyway and doesn't wine all the time.

August 13, 1999

Went shopping for propane parts.  Got most of what I needed.  Found out

that the ball reducer won't reduce the flow if you turn the pressure up

really slow, go figure.

Had quite the show in Eijsden.  Well, coordinator Eric was gushing, but

coordinator Jan was rubbing his chin saying "hmmmm, well the audience
it"  Over all there were no tech problems and the set came off without
hitch.  I never fully launched though.  Paul and his wife, from the 
Machomet festival were there, since they live in Eijsden.  He wants me
come back over in May for a two week festival.  He asked if it is
to write a composition for me.  I said I could build an instrument that

would be capable of playing his composition as long as it had varoom 
(punk).  Should be fun.

Norberg Heyers, a German man who was at the show, asked afterwards,
do you call this evil thing?"  Everyone here loves the title of the
"The Gates Of Hell".  Tomorrow I get to play in a church courtyard,
 The title of the piece actually came from Tonny (of the festival) 
last December she said that the performance was pure evil.

I find that the joke "I bought it at Guitar Center" in response to "did
build this instrument?", doesn't work here.  But "What!"  in response
"do you have trouble hearing?", works quite well.

Played with Sounds of Weapons.  They play percussion on junk.  Lots of 
audience participation, sing along, clap along etc.  They were ok, but
of like corporate rock.  Here's a formula lets milk it.

Found out that Dutch for Cicada is Krekel.

It's possible to make a phone call to the states, if you have a calling

card, without it, hours of frustration.  Finally got through to Z. 
 Couldn't get a hold of Maria though.  By far the hardest part of
being out of touch with her.

August 14

Went to Masstricht with Greg and Joel from Second Hand today. Got a
card and some razors.  Joel bought a tent.  Seems he has a thing about 
sleeping in hospitals.  Must be the ghosts.  When you think about it, 
hospitals are pretty high on the list of locations where people have

Saw Zirk Theater (Kevin, Chris and Jean).  Much fun.  Street
lot's of facial expressions, horn playing, goofy/silliness.  Kevin is
the US but has been living in Holland for the last 9 years.  He is 
supposedly quite famous in the street theater scene.  After seeing him 
perform it's obvious why.

It's been strange to be in this environment, since I don't consider
a street theater performer.  But there is some obvious crossover. 
It'll be 
nice to hit the second part of the trip which will be all sound.  I'm 
definitely the strangest, or most unusual, performer here.

Played in Roggel tonight.  A slightly traditional group from Zimbabwe 
performed before me.  They were good but very obvious.  I love
reference, but I also love pushing parameters, combining mediums and 
creating new forms.  All night the rain had been on and off.  By the
of my set it was ON. Since it was wet and the wind was blowing, when I 
dumped out the dry ice it gave a rather nice fog effect around the base
Volatile.  I was quite excited to perform in the rain, so I started
but first my lighter wouldn't work (I thought Zippos were the Rolex of 
lighters, they should work in any condition),  then the propane foot
tweaked out immediately.  The wood that the pedal sits on had gotten so
that the screws pulled out.  I had to stop playing and fix it.  So to
on the good side of the audience, and not look like a complete amateur,
pretended to dry my cloths off on the instrument before I started
again, it 
lightened the mood and then I launched.  Then the wind picked up and at
soft volume spot, where I back the pressure off the pilot feed, the
went out.  While I kept playing I had the festival organizer come over
re-light it.  His tentative actions were good for a laugh.  The
at this festival love humor.  I think I scare them most of the time. 
up breaking all of the strings in a very passionate frenzy.  Sounded
good beneath the saint with her arms stretched out above me with an old

cathedral as a backdrop.  Heaven looking down on the blaspheme down
 Well darlin, your heaven is my Hell.  Perhaps I'm just getting use to 
being around a lot of flame.  Nice photo op with Jan (the Roggel
and the saint.

There are some major devotes to this festival, most of them in their
 I'm already running into people (yes they're ok) who saw earlier 
performances and are trying to see all the performers.

Sold 4 CDs. Three targodie and one Meat.  Finally found someone who
the amped varroomm of Meat.  His name is Edwin and he liked the set so
he helped pack up and load the PA into the van.  The world just needs
people like Edwin.  Then I could pay my rent.

Thanks Ethan.  Who bought me a nice travel book for the tour, (I've
made so 
many travel journals for other people, kinda strange I didn't make one
myself) which I've been using non-stop.  Have the country codes in it:
To US 001
To Germany 0049
To France 0033
To Belgium 0032
To Spain 0034
To Austria 0046
To Netherlands 0031
And have been writing down the names of the people I meet.  For the
time ever I'm remembering peoples names.  Ethan would be proud.

B-Dankt is thanks,  Kippen-Vel is Chicken Skin (goose bumps)

August 15,

Met a volunteer named Charles last night.  He is going to let me get on
computer today to send off this e-mail and pick up my messages.  He
said he 
would only be there from 10-11.  So when I woke up today I jumped out
bed, showered, shaved, and jetted over to the headquarters, only to
out that it was 7:15am.  I went to bed at 2.  I think I need a clock. 
 Finally reset the clock on the computer so I suppose that'll work. 
is a 9 hour difference.  I'm at GMT +1.

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