Ethan Port: Discography (partial)

Ethan has performed in several notable Los Angeles alternative/underground bands, including Savage Republic, Wonder, Death Ride '69, and ...uh...

These are the more notable releases Ethan Port performs on. These products can be ordered from
 Mobilization Records
Release Tracks Label Comments
Turds From Space Mighty Feeble "Crazy Nut" New Alliance 1983. With Mawshane Win, Brad Laner. Live at the Anti Club in Los Angeles
Savage Republic Trudge EP. 
Dec 1984
Trek, Siege, Assembly, Trudge Play It Again, Sam Heroic percussive anthems. Mainly instrumental. 
w/ Mark Erskine, Thom Fuhrman,  Greg Grunke, Bruce Licher,
Savage Republic Ceremonial LP - SuiteBeat Records 
Dec. 1985
w/ Mark Erskine,Thom Fuhrman,  Greg Grunke, Bruce Licher, Robert Loveless.  Poorly mixed. Better versions appear on 
Savage Republic Transmission Sampler Comp. Exodus (live track) 
30 August, 1984
Savage Republic Ceremonial 
- Fundamental Music, ... Jan. 1986 
Remixed four songs for UK release on Fundamental Music mid 1988 
Remixed versions on Greek edition released through Di Di Music late 1988 
Instrumental CD version released, including TRUDGE EP 
Savage Republic Disarmament Video 
Atavistic Video
- Atavistic Video 10 tracks: Ivory Coast/Ansdelusia/Year of Exile/ Siege/ Trek/ Mobilization/Last Grave at Dimbaza/ Attempted Coup Madagascar/ Procession/ Machinery 
Recorded Live in concert 14th Sept, 1986 at Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH, in a performance 
for the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament.
Savage Republic Jamahiriya Democratique et Populare de Sauvage 
LP. 1988
So It Is Written/Spice Fields/Tabula Rasa/Happy Dad/ Pios Den Milla Yia Ti Lambri/ Lethal Musk/Lebanon 2000/Moujahadeen/ Jamahiriya Fundamental Records -
Savage Republic Live Trek 1985-1986 - Fundamental Records Collection of cassette recordings from the bands two US tours. Captures the range and power of 
Savage Republic's live shows. 
Savage Republic Viva La Rock and Roll 7" - IPR Cover of the Alternative TV classic. 
Savage Republic I Married Thurston Tape/CD - Savage Republic Tapes Live material from "final" Gilman Street Warehouse how and the New Music Seminar 
at the Pyramid Club, 1988.  Shows the bands wilder side. 
Savage Republic Execution of the Sate by Fire and Ritual. Video/CD. 1989 - Mobilization Records(Unreleased) The final fiery culmination of Savage Republic, Feb. 25, 1989. An excellent DAT recording from a 24 track mobil studio, with 10 video cameras. 
Savage Republic Viva Los Angeles - Viva Compilation LP released by Viva Records in Rome, Italy. Features two live tracks and a beautiful 
booklet documenting both Savage Republic and the Los Angeles scene they emerged from
DeathRide '69 
Red Sea EP  Let It Ride, Decide, Red Sea Brain Drop Records
DeathRide '69 Penetrator LP (unreleased) -
Eight end-of-the-80s day glow manic panics.  Only available as a bootleg
Wonder Obsession for Men 7" 
When Kings Were Kings"/"Gravity Drop" Savage Republic Records Continues where Savage Republic left off. A bit more sonic and raw than later Savage Republic. 
Wonder Moral Cripple LP 
8 songs (unreleased) - Thom Fuhrman, Greg Grunke, Sterling Fox, Zero the Hero 
...uh... (1982/1983) - Dead Helen Records Recorded live in the Fall Out Shelter in Kinsey 023, UCLA 1981-1982 
Tracks include "Lebanon 2000/Hey Man/Live for Today/ Moving Sidewalks/Wild Boys/Dick Comes" 
20 plus participants joined Greg Grunke and Ethan Port for this subterranean feast. 
...uh... (unreleased) Dick Comes 7". 1985 Entering/Dick Comes - Recorded during the Savage Republic Trudge sessions. 
F-Space "Chiapas" Demo Chiapas Mobilization Records Live demo CD from the FFF Ball show, April 11, 1998.