Cyberbuss Costume Ball
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Saturday  May 30,1998
On 1308 Griffith (off of 3rd St. near Candle Stick park)
between Quesada and Revere Streets in San Francisco

F-Space 2:00am

           + 2nd Annual CYBERBUSS cOstUmE BaLL =
           =    Saturday May 30th, 6:00 PM     +


          .............This is the only event we publicly host all year
              ..............All of our energies are focused on this day.............
              ...........There are many events & workshops leading up to it.........

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                             !Details Below!
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      Join us...

               -------------------fhREaK da StrEeT--------------------------

                                                              ......In person or virtually


      The CYBERBUSS fhREaKs present the 2nd Annual CYBERBUSS cOstUmE BaLL on
      Saturday May 30th, 1998.  The cOsTumE BaLL, held under the stars on a
      sequestered street in the Bayview Warehouse District of SF, is an all night
      celebration of absurdities where spontaneous comBUSStions of rhythm,
      creativity and relics of our urban landscape [revitalized in suprising
      ways] will inspire all to fhREaKy fairy-tale fun.  Props and decorations
      are created with industrious waste and surplus materials.

      All will enter into a playground where the line between audience and
      entertainers is dissolved -- participants are invited to frolic and be as
      fhREaKy as they please.  The compound includes feature comBUSStion zones
      which will allow ALL participants to elevate their individual fhREaK
      factors to new heights.  At the "Space Cowgirl Fashion Consultation Salon,"
      visitors can get the most whacked-out makeovers they've ever faced.  In
      "Rina's Romper Room," participants will be rolled over piles of other
      bodies.  "The Nub Chai Circus," "Cyber_CUBE" and "bianca's Smut Shack" will
      also provide their trademark ambiences to keep the coStUmE BaLL brilliant.

      The sounds of musical visionaries such as "F-Space," "Kung-Fu Grip," and
      "Here Are The Facts You Requested," will perform on the Main Stage and in
      the Chill Zone.  SF drum and dance troupe "Ritual Chaos," will induce a
      carnival atmosphere.  Meanwhile the empty warehouse walls will be alight
      with a constantly changing array of slide and video projections and digital

      For the second straight year, the CYBERBUSS cOstUmE BaLL will
      simultaneously webcast digital images of the event in progress and provide
      live chat arenas online so that all cyber~fhREaKs around the world will be
      able to attend the BaLL virtually.  More details on this to come.

      Unlike Cinderella, this fairy tale won't end at midnight--the BaLL will
      roll on 'til dawn, when a sunrise pancake breakfast will be served while
      ambient grooves are spun to ease participants back to the world we call real.

      LOCATION:       On Griffith between Quesada and Revere Streets in San Francisco

      DATE:           Saturday May 30th, 1998

      TIME:           6:00 PM 'til the Sunrise pancakes are gone

      ADMISSION:      $13 donation at the gate, $8 donation with invite

      COSTUMES:       Are essential!!  Indulge your wildest visions of cyber~fhReaKy,
      post-dustrial, pre-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic, millennial attire

      MORE INFO:  (workshop details here) or
                      Contact c y b e r sAM - or



      COSTUME WORKSHOPS (details @ :
      Come and work on your cOsTuMe - Some materials provided
      Held at INTERNET alfredo (790A Brannan @ 7th), San Francisco
      Wednesday, May 6th at 6:00 PM
      Saturday, May 9th at 2:00 PM
      Free Entrance

      join the creative groove already in process
      building things with industrious waste and surplus
      1308 Griffith @ Quesada, San Francisco
      Sat/Sun May 16th & 17th - 2:00 PM
      Sat/Sun May 23rd & 24th - 2:00 PM

      Get up for the BaLL
      All stilt materials provided
      Must bring fabric for pants
      May 17th, 3:00 PM
      1308 Griffith @ Quesada, San Francisco

      or fhREaK with us at these two up-n-coming
      ........................CYBERBUSS coStUmE BaLL Kick-OFFs

      ANON SALON - TechnoloGIGI (
      Friday, May 8th
      285 9th St. @ Folsom
      CYBERBUSS  cOstUmE BaLL fhREaKy Fashion Parade @ midnight
      W/ Digital Animations, video archives & Black Light BumpeRoom
                               as conceived by Digital Dan
      Caution: door fee may apply


      24 May 1998, 9pm
      Paradise Lounge/Transmission Theatre,
      308-314 11th Street (at Folsom),
      San Francisco, CA
      All proceeds bennefit Burning Man

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