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FFF Ball Performance: April 11, 1998, CELL, SF, CA

I believe the only way to explain the F-Space performance I experienced last Saturday (April 11,1998) is to say that I felt that I was intruding on a domestic dispute. Scot Jenerik introduced the crowd at the Crucibel Steel Gallery (CELL) in San Francisco to his latest love: THOR! THOR, a steel pipe with strings and springs stretching the length, a number of pickups to catch the cacophonous mayhem and Jenerik to treat it as though it it just ate his last Twinkie. It seemed to me that Jenerik was having more of a confrontation with a significant other than giving a performance. It was awsome! We were welcomed into the situation as if the audience were a bug on the wall. At first it seemed as though he and Thor were just having a basic conversation with eachother about the weather, but Scot must have said something to piss Thor off, because next thing you know he's just screaming. Scot tries to calm it down a bit by being reasonble , but that just seems to aggravate Thor more, and he blasts off with a tyrany of insults that send shock waves through us flys. Just to make matters a bit more interesting, Scot had his buddy Ethan Port over hanging out, when Ethan began in with his own brand of insults, lashing away at Thor and Scot, letting his guitar do the talking for him.

As Scot and Thor tumbled away it seemed as though Thor was making a few good points, when Scot decided to drop the whole matter right there. He also dropped Thor. Kicked Thor. Dropped large steel springs on Thor. In the end I believe Thor saw Scots side of the story. Scot Jenerik does not just play the instruments that he invents, he makes them live. He brings them to life, and we watch as they scream into existence. And once they are here he shows almost no mercy. Ethan Port just adding insult to injury with shotgun blasts from his guitar, makes Jenerik push even more to make his creation live. To watch Scot Jenerik perform is to see birth, life, sex and death. He is seen at one moment furious with passion and the next as passive as a dove flying through the ruins of hell.He will bring you to your knees as he did Thor.

John Hell--Radio Free Burning Man 

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