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Cyberbuss Costume Ball, 1998
Saturday May 30, 1998

>Received: from (

>hey scot, I thought you might enjoy this account of the F-space
>which was written by one of our bianca folks who was seeing you
perform for
>the first time.  Enjoyed the show a lot, and wow what a party...
>"it's like 3 or 4 in the morning and shit is on fire all over the
stage by
>the cyberbuss.  the sheets of metal and objects with large springs and
>weird pickups attached and the 55 gallon drums that the shirtless
>guy is hitting are all vibrating with energy and arcing rhythems of
>ecstatic painful beauty into the crowd, which is alternating between
>standing in dumbfounded awe and screaming their brains out.  every song
>ends with what sounds like the entire PG&E grid in the western U.S.
>offline.  silver painted faces peer down from the top of the buss
>the stage, observing everything."

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