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F-SPACE: "The Led Zepplin of Noise"

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What is F-Space?:
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What does F-SPACE mean?

  • About F-Space

  • Scot Jenerik (23five, Inc.) and Ethan Port
     (Savage Republic, 1983-1989; Death Ride '69, 1989-1990)
    mobilize the new third wave of industrial shop rock with orgasmic
    turbo charged manias, exploding in a un-catagorized fallout of
    percussive fire bomb classics.

    People are talking.

    F-SPACE is a musical project centered around the spectacle of performance with alternative sound and flame sources.  The sound still heavily references traditional rock/pop/punk/trance-folk melodies, but presents these cultural references in a new sound framework. F-Space relies heavily on it's own unique custom build percussive instruments to define a new sound quality that is at once organic and electronic.  The processed instruments of metal, springs, strings, and other hardware produce the bands now trademarked "Shop Rock" sound, like the kind of music you'd write to drive your 7th grade metal shop class into a screaming frenzy.  The F-Space sound is violent and encompassing, yet filled with passion and intricacy that transforms the listener to another world.  F-Space is not a sound easily ignored.

    F-Space evolved out of a collaboration formed by Scot Jenerik (23five) and Ethan Port (Savage Republic, Wonder, Death Ride '69, ...uh...) at BURNING MAN, 1997.

    F-SPACE is created  a self-contained Noise Village at Burning Man 1998 to promote an atmosphere for intense, experimental growth and community paralleling the work 23five, Mobilization,  and other affiliated projects pursue the rest on the year.

    About the F-Space Founders:



    F-SPACEis looking for compatible drummers and other musicians, as well as visual artists and performers,  to collaborate on F-SPACE recordings and performances. F-SPACE focuses on sound and music that blends traditional melodies and rock/punk/pop motifs with new instruments and production experiments that lead to a dense, trance filled environment that surrounds the listener and invokes altered states of vision and awareness.

    Send demo recordings/samples to:

    POBox 460951
    San Francisco, CA
    fspace 'at'


    fspace 'at'
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