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Industrial Pyro Punk
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  • F-SPACE News
    • F-SPACE is locked up at Mobilization Studios until 2005
      Recording 2 CDs and the Concrete 10" EP "Aggregate"

    • F-SPACE Universal Destruction Tour 2004: Free streaming downloads
      High quality digital binaural recordings here.
      Email 2004tour 'at'
      for a free password to these files

    East Bay Express Review of "Preliminary Impact Report" CD

    By Anthony Reynaga
    From ages sixteen to eighteen, I had a recurring dream about Armageddon, standing unafraid as buildings toppled down around me and finally right on top of me. "Preliminary Impact Report", the first disc from this San Francisco experimental art-rock collective, recalls those images. Comprising ex-Savage Republic guitarist Ethan Port, local experimental artist Scot Jenerik, and Chrome drummer Aleph Kali,
    F-SPACE immediately challenges your ears with a bass-heavy stereo gurgle -- rooted in the eviscerating atmospherics of experimental icon Keiji Haino -- accompanied by chugging drums and mild ambient flourishes. One of the more intriguing textures layered atop comes from a hollow percussive instrument that seemingly spits fire when struck.
    Within this aural molten mass there are quieter, mellower sections, carrying the album in waves from one mostly instrumental piece to the next. But what really stands out is Port's Middle Eastern-tinged guitar sensibilities, a crucial element of Savage Republic's seminal ProtoIndustrialPunk sound. Some view PIR as the statement Savage Republic never made: a vivid portrayal of destruction, beauty, and simplicity. As stale as instrumental music's gotten lately, F-Space offers something to look forward to. Even if it's Armageddon.


    i'm in no way, shape or form a writer or a music critic (i just know
    what i like when i hear it) but here i go... i find this disc to be
    wonderfully majestic. brutal at times then ethereal at others. beautiful
    guitar and percussion intertwined to make a great sonic soundscape to
    play in my dreams...

    now go to mobilization and if i remember correctly there are some sample
    tracks there so you can get a real feel for this fantastic album.



  • Live show review of How to Destroy the Universe - Part 1

    "Then came the moment I'd been waiting for. F-Space battered the unsuspecting audience with a wall of noise. Port's instrumentation on an electric 12-string maintained the breakneck speed and ominous tones of early Savage Republic. He'd loop a string of notes into a mixer, then switch guitars, or forsake them for a homemade instrument created out of two thick metal springs stretched along the length of a four-foot-long segment of pipe, which he alternately beat on and picked up and let drop to the floor.

    Jenerik used drumsticks and even a violin bow to elicit the most raw and, at times, excruciating sounds from a similar instrument propped on a metal sawhorse. Kali added the energy of a runaway locomotive on drums.

    The result was apocalyptic: the music summoned a feral, destructive trance state that implied a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or the offender's mental state during a crime of passion." -(Camille T. Taiara) SFBG Dec 17, 2003

  • F-SPACE is a musical project by San Francisco sound artists Ethan Port and Scot Jenerik based upon the intense spectacle of performance, concentrating on alternative sound and flame sources. Aleph Kali from CHROME joined the project in 2002 adding "runaway locomotive" drums. F-SPACE creates violently passionate noisescapes, delivered with sonic intricacies and altered-state-inducing tones. The effect is frenetic, intelligent and visceral. The project still heavily references traditional rock, pop, punk, ethnic and psychadelic melodies (influenced by the time Ethan Port did time in the 1980s seminal Los Angeles art punk outfit Savage Republic) but within a new sonic architecture. F-SpaceF-Space relies heavily on it's own unique custom built percussive instruments to define a new audio and visual quality that is at once organic and electronic. The instruments of metal, springs, strings and other hardware (often immersing the band in 15 foot fire balls) produce the bands now signature "Machine Shop Rock" sound.

    In 2001 F-Space moved to a more song structured "band/collective" with Ethan Port (ex Savage Republic, Death Ride '69, Wonder, ...uh...), Aleph (drummer from CHROME) and on occasion, Joel Connell (drummer from Man is the Bastard, SR reunion tour). The project still focuses on sonic percussion -- noisy and explosive with melodic overtones.

    The resulting F-Space sound is violent, sinister and encompassing, filled with passion and intimacy that transforms the listener to an altered state of bliss.

    In 2003 F-Space "toured" Burning Man, playing 8 "Hit and Run" performances out of the back of their van with a PA and generator. The effect was spontaneous bliss catching most people completely by surprise -- and the projects reputation exploded through out the Burning Man community.

    The first studio F-Space CD titled "Preliminary Impact Report" was released Dec 23, 2004. US, European and Japaneese tours are schedeled for 2004.

    Scot Jenerik and Ethan Port also run, a recording company that recently re-issued the entire Savage Republic back catalog, and produces alternative music events in the San Francisco area.

    F-Space perform at Burningman 1998 with Tch'Kung