How to Destroy the UniverseII- Part 2

Extreme Music/Performance/Art Festival

Friday Aug 6, and Saturday Aug 7, 2004 - Berkeley (San Francisco)
At the Shipyard, 1010 Murray Street, in Berkeley, California.
All Ages. 8pm - 1am.
Benefit for the artists and the Shipyard
co-presented by KFJC 89.7 fm, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Laughing

Part 2 highlights several bands with non-cutesy over-the-top rockin' women, and other transgressive
performers and video artists that break fundamental rules of humanity and the universe.

*Note: no one turned away due to lack of funds. Please email us in advance if you require a sponsored admission, or if you'd like to volunteer for the event. Email: "imbroke [at]"

A weekend festival targeting the best in Extreme art, music, performance and culture.

MOBILIZATION is honored to bring the festival to this location: friendly, casual, intelligent, open minded and Flame Resistant!

FRIDAY August Sixth (Hiroshima Day)

Live Stimulation
Bands, Performances, Burning Art
    ALL AGES! Free Ear Plugs.

LIMITED SPACE. $10-$20 sliding scale.
Advance Tickets available here

No one turned away due to lack of funds. Email "Imbroke 'at'" if you require sponsored admission and/or you would like to volunteer.

SATURDAY August 7th

    Live Stimulation
    Bands, Performances, Burning and Melting Art
    • Aesthetic Meat Front - "Blood Sun Rising - A Public Deprogramming Ritual"
      Ritual against disintegration of mind. (Los Angleles/Long Beach)
    • F-SPACE - Frenetic Pyro Post Punk - with Full Flame Effects and Butoh Dancing
    • Egeria- Kiki's weeping waterfall of fire
    • BINKY- carnival death-metal by females (members of Typhoon)
    • Jim Mason- John Cage inspired temporal 2 ton sonic ice sculpture: The Body of Bolts - A chaotic sound generator of human decay.
    • Charlie Gadekan - Fire art
    • Barbara Kruse- 2 headed fire breathing robot bird
    • The F*CK Machine and The EYE ARCHWAY - Ryon Gesink's Mad Max style rolling fire and cutup noise spewing beast and the return of the glorious steel EYE arch

      Virtual Stimulation
      Video Projections and Presentations:

    • CAT FIVE- Cut ups from "The Atomic Bomb Movie" and other visual mayhem
    • THE KIPPER KIDS- 33 years of exaggerated extreme scatological Cartoon-like slapstick
    • Ron Athey- Extreme grown-up topics and Naughty Bits
    • John Law- Bridges Slide Show (illicit urban infrastructure documentation obtained at death defying heights)
    • & - Ultra Creepy "Triggers" and Oddities
    • Kaosmic Kitty(featuring the BONE TREE)- Mark McGothigan and Kaosmic Kitty: extreme performances and transcendent industrial soundtrack. Includes video of Dana Alabany's roving bone sculpture.

      Mixed Stimulation
      Tiki and Post-Punk Throbbing DJs
    • Otto Von Stroheim
    • - Rick A Mortis
    • KFJC 89.7 fm - M.C. Christ
    ALL AGES! Free Ear Plugs.

LIMITED SPACE. $10-$20 sliding scale.
Advance Tickets available here

No one turned away due to lack of funds. Email "Imbroke 'at'" if you require sponsored admission and/or you would like to volunteer.

FUTURE (Tentative, not confirmed. This is our current Wish List)

  • How to Destroy the Universe - Part 3, Thee Second Couming.
    November 2004 in LA, SF and Phoenix
    • THEE MAJESTY (Genesis P-Orridge)
    • Virtual RE~TG (Authorized, multi-channel multi-screen presentation of the new THROBBING GRISTLE DVD, recorded live in London May 2004)
    • The Living JARBOE
    • KITTEN SPARKLES (Don Bolles)
    • F-SPACE

    Advanced Tickets will be on sale here shortly


How to Destroy the Universe is an ambitious curatted extreme music/art/performance festival series dedicated to presenting fiercely individual and independent artists to the community. The festival is roughly grounded in the "post punk" tradition, but is open to any new and innovative ideas. The festivals are inherently grass-roots and community based, focused on promoting and supporting alternative arts culture both locally and globally.

Destroy-Part 2 takes place on Hiroshima day, book-ending the hugely successful first festival last DEC 7, 2004 (Pearl Harbor Day) at Studioz in San Francisco. Inspired by the historic date, the performers and artists have been picked with perhaps a darker or more somber slant, while all still being quite explosive and transgressive in their own individual way. The festival is organized by members of the bay area pyro post-punk group "F-SPACE" (members of SAVAGE REPUBLIC and CHROME, and noise artist SCOT JENERIK), who combine homemade incendiary percussion instruments with hypnotic alternately tuned guitars and runaway locomotive drums. F-SPACE takes their name from the art space Los Angeles artist Chris Burden and colleges used to present their essential and extreme physical artwork that was otherwise banned at any other gallery, and it is this tradition that inspires the How to Destroy the Universe Festival.

The Shipyard's outdoor location for this festival is compatible with large scale fire art and sculptures. Bay area artist Kiki will bring her 3 story water fountain "Egeria" to the space (featured at the recent Burning Man Fire Arts Festival), configuring it to weep tears of fire during the F-SPACE performance. Indra Lowenstein from "Collapsing Silence" will also accompany F-SPACE at this performance with a special Butoh style dance dedicated to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jim Mason (manager of the shipyard and known at Burningman for his fire canons that spew 100+ foot columns of burning diesel fuel) has volunteered to create a massive John Cage inspired 2 ton ice sculpture pourous enough to allow flames to pass through, with encased knobs and stones melting onto amplified bamboo mats. Ryon Gesink's is pulling out all the stops with his rolling F*CK MACHINE and giant EYE ARCHWAY, backed by Mark McGothigan and Kaosmi Kitty's "BONE TREE Soundtrack", including sweeping epic industrial audio that accompanied Dana Alabany's roving bone sculpture at Burningman 2001.

This event also highlights many bands and artists with women in non-traditional roles, such as bands like "BLACK ICE", "THE SIXTEENS" and "BINKY" with women taking dominant and aggressive roles that are traditionally identified as more masculine. Videos by legendary Los Angeles performance artist RON ATHEY deal with transgressions of societal assumptoins of gender, orientation, power,control, and "grown-up" topics such as sexual and social deviation with depth and grace.

Performance artists "The Indra and DeeDee Lux" use dada-ist sarcasm and extreme elaborate costumes to emphasize and critique female roles and sexual assumptions. The Aesthetic Meat Front close out the festival with a bang via their public "Deprogramming ritual" aimed at transforming themselves and the audience to an alternate state of reality beyond our commercially controlled corporate universe.

Other extreme visual artists featured at this Destroy 2 event also focus on other transgressive themes. Archive footage from the astounding and confounding KIPPER KIDS, whose Cartoon-like scatological physical slapstick predate JackAss by 30 years, but also contain actual "Content" rather than a shallow made for TV "Template". JOHN LAW demonstrates physical urban transgression with documentation of how his secret clan illicitly scale large public buildings and bridges around the world and holding and carry out random DaDa-ist events, often to the confusion of enforcement officials. The CIAbnormalArts and SHAYE SAINT JOHN take an urban approach to psychological transgression using a "Trigger" style to produce rapid video clips whose central character is a disfigured paraplegic dressed and controlled as a life sized marionette and her disfigured doll Kiki.

Oakland spinners CAT 5 will be projecting a mix of Atomic Bomb oriented video.

DJs from, and KFJC 89.7fm keep the juice flowing spinning an wide range of extreme music around the Video projections and BBQ area.