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F-SPACE is a powerful, unparalleled musical project by San Fransisco sound artists Ethan Port and Scot Jenerik based upon the intense spectacle of performance, concentrating on alternative sound and flame sources.F-SPACE is intelligent, frenetic and visceral, with an encompassing, violent, passionate sonic experience full of intimate intricacies that can transform the listener to the altered states tread by shamans.

F-SPACE also includes CHROME drummer Aleph Kali and on occassion MAN IS THE BASTARD drummer Joel Connell.

F-Space relies heavily on its own unique custom built "big boom" percussive instruments to define a new audio and visual quality that is at once organic and electronic. The instruments of metal, springs, strings and other hardware (often immersing the band in 15 foot fire balls) produce the bands unique "Shop Rock" sound.

The project still heavily references traditional rock, pop, punk, ethnic and psychedelic melodies, influenced by the time Ethan Port spent playing alternately tuned guitars in the seminal 1980s Los Angeles art punk outfits SAVAGE REPUBLIC and DEATH RIDE '69) but within a new sonic architecture. Other references include early EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN, SWANS, GLENN BRANCA and early SONIC YOUTH.

"Conceptual / visual artist Scot Jenerik and Savage Republic guitarist/oil-drum ignighter Ethan Port are..." Review

"Then came the moment I'd been waiting for. F-Space battered the unsuspecting audience with a wall of noise..."
-(Camille T. Taiara) SFBG Dec 17, 2003

"F Space absolutely killed! Got to the show about 11:30 pm and heard the last part of Los Creepers energetic..."
-Review of the Festive Meltdown by Greg Grunke

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Preliminary Impact Report
[needs album art]
  1. Preliminary Impact Report - 0:42
  2. Through The Night Softly - 17:29
  3. Sans Soleil - 13:29
  4. Bombay Blood - 5:26
  5. Charity And Hope - 22:43
  6. Anneal - 3:53
Bleeding Rays Of Dawn
[needs album art]
  1. Pointless - 12:01
  2. Shining Light - 10:45
  3. Bliss - 13:49
  4. Gathering Pools - 18:26